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BA4235L ROHM (BA4234L / BA4235L) FM IF SYSTEM Original PDF

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Text: circuit used: reverse curve with the BA4234L, and forward curve with thé BA4235L. 2. Wide supply voltage , m FM IF System BA4234L BA4235L The BA4234L and 4235L are single-chip FM IF systems with their S-shaped FM discrimination curves opposite (symmetrical) to each other. The FM section of the devices consists of a differential IF amplifier, double-balanced quadrature detector, and IF muting circuit for , Vcc Heterodyne BA4234L Lower heterodyne BA4235L " ■fm ift am ift t, : am osc t. : fm oet CFi

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PDF BA4234L BA4235L 4235L BA4234L, BA4235L. M0D-80% BA4234L radio car wiring diagram stereo 10 pin sumida FM Double-balanced mixer and oscillator am modulation application circuit AA423 BA4235L sumida ift coil ktt 12t
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