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op 847

Abstract: MAX4105
Text: /i/iyjxi/i/i _ _ Video/High-Speed Am plifiers Videci/High-Speed Am plifiers, Product Tables and T re e s . M AX4005 M AX4100 MAX4101 MAX4102 M AX4103 MAX4104 M AX4105 M AX4106 M AX4107 M AX4108 M AX4109 M AX4111 M A X 4112 M A X 4113 MAX4121 MAX4141 MAX4177 MAX4221 MAX4277 MAX476 M AX496 M AX497 M AX498 MAX499 8-2 950MHz FET-lnput Buffer w / 75£2 O u tp u t

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PDF AX4005 AX4100 MAX4101 MAX4102 AX4103 MAX4104 AX4105 AX4106 AX4107 AX4108 op 847 MAX4105

Abstract: No abstract text available
Text: VIDEO & HIGH-SPEED AMPLIFIERS MAX4005 (950MHz, JFET) MAX405 (160MHz, 0.998V/V gain) M A X463 (100M Hz, output drivers) it M A X464 AX4111 (330M Hz lx l ) * * M AX4121 (330M Hz 2x1) ir MAX4221 (330M Hz dual 2x1) M AX4141 (330M Hz 4x1) M A X456 (8x8) * M A X 458 (100M Hz 8x4, output drivers) * M A X459 (90M Hz 8x4, A v = +2 output drivers) * MAX4111 (330M Hz l x l ) * * MAX4121 (330M Hz 2x1) + MAX4221 (330M Hz dual 2x1) M A X404 (80MHz, A v > 2 V / V ) M A X408 (100MHz, A v > 3 V

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PDF MAX4005 950MHz, MAX405 160MHz, 98V/V AX4111 AX4121 MAX4221 AX4141 MAX4111 MAX4005
Not Available

Abstract: No abstract text available
Text: 19-0402; Rev 0; 6/95 A l i l X I A I 3 3 0 M H z B u ffe re d V id eo S w itc h e s / C ro ss p o in t B u ild in g B lo c k s _ G eneral Description The M AX4111 /MAX4121/MAX4221 w ideband video switches are optimized for high-definition, broadcastquality, com posite (HDTV, NTSC, PAL, SECAM, and RGB) video switching arrays. Their open-loop buffer amplifiers offer 0.1dB gain flatness to 150MHz. They operate from ±5V supplies and feature differential phase and gain error of only 0.01°/0.01

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PDF AX4111/MAX4121/MAX4221 150MHz.
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