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2003 - Migration From AT89C51SND1C to AT83C51SDN1C

Abstract: AT89C51SND1C AT83C51SND1C AT89C51SND1C-RO Programming Bootloader 4244A
Text: 20 AT89C51SND1C-RO (Flash) AT83C51SDN1C-RO (ROM) 60 59 58 57 56 55 54 53 52 51 50 , AT83C51SDN1C. Do not connect this pin when using AT83C51SDN1C. AT8xC51SND1C Application Note 4244A , Migration From AT89C51SND1C to AT83C51SDN1C This application note details the differences between AT89C51SND1C and AT83C51SDN1C products, and gives some tips and tricks to the user when migrating from Flash , . AT83C51SDN1C Memory Architecture Figure 1. ROM Memory Architecture FFFFh 64K Bytes User ROM Memory

PDF AT89C51SND1C AT83C51SDN1C AT83C51SDN1C AT83C51SND1C 0000h Migration From AT89C51SND1C to AT83C51SDN1C AT89C51SND1C-RO Programming Bootloader 4244A
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