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AT76C453AC-MY19T AT76C453AC-MY19T ECAD Model Atmel CMOS Camera Module, VGA format 1/4.5 in. Optical Format Original PDF

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2006 - cmos digital camera module

Abstract: defective pixel 80C51 AT76C453AC-MY19T CCIR656 CCIR-656 flicker automatic exposure gain multiple defective pixel correction qqvga
Text: Camera Module AT76C453ACMY19T 5446A­IMAGE­02/06 1. Description The Eye-on-Si® AT76C453AC-MY19T , . The AT76C453AC-MY19T includes a digital zoom from x1 to x5. This digital zoom is very progressive like , and can be adapted to the output screen. The AT76C453AC-MY19T provides the user with the ability to , 2 Definition Luminance AT76C453AC-MY19T 5446A­IMAGE­02/06 AT76C453AC-MY19T 4. Block , lines 4 4.0 mm Top: 1 bottom: 5 AT76C453AC-MY19T 5446A­IMAGE­02/06 AT76C453AC-MY19T

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