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Abstract: oryx ATMEL package qualification AT34C02B AT35000 3h4268 142AX LT3971-3.3
Text: AT34C02B ( AT35512 ) 2-Wire Serial EEPROM Product Qualification · 2325 Orchard Parkway · San , Tester @ 25C and 125C Stress Test Temperature: 25C Quantity Tested: 3/Lot/Voltage Device: AT35512 , Tested: 3/Lot/Voltage Device: AT35512 Charged Device Model Testing ­ JESD 22-C101A Lot Number: 3h4268 , : AT35512 Lot Number: 3h4268 Max Trigger Current Pin Name Function Tested As Passing* -I (mA , Final Production Test Program: EPRO Model 142AX Tester @ 25C and 125C Device: AT35512 Lot Number: LLL

PDF AT34C02B AT35512) AT34C02B AT35000 142AX AT35512 LT3973-3.3 oryx ATMEL package qualification 3h4268 LT3971-3.3
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