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AS29LV160B AS29LV160B ECAD Model Alliance Semiconductor 3W 2M x 8 / 1M x 16 - CMOS Flash EEPROM Original PDF

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1997 - 29lv160-70

Abstract: 29LV160-90 29LV160 29lv160 Flash
Text: bottom ( AS29LV160B ) sector. Sector erase architecture allows specified sectors of memory to be erased , Bottom boot sector architecture ( AS29LV160B ) Top boot sector architecture (AS29LV160T) Sector ×8 , ( AS29LV160B ) Top boot sector architecture (AS29LV160T) Sector ×8 ×16 Size (Kbytes) ×8 , ( AS29LV160B ) (AS29LV160T) Sector A19 A18 A17 A16 A15 A14 A13 A12 A19 A18 A17 , of 29 $6/9 Bottom boot sector architecture Top boot sector architecture ( AS29LV160B

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