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2011 - AP3970P-G1

Text: AP3968MTR-G1 AP3969P7-G1 Marking ID AP3968M-G1 AP3968M-G1 AP3969P7-G1 AP3970P7-G1 AP3970SP7-G1 AP3969P-G1 , °C AP3970P7-G1 AP3970SP7-G1 AP3969P-G1 DIP-8 AP3970P-G1 AP3970SP-G1 BCD Semiconductor's Pb-free products

PDF AP3968/69/70/70S AP3968 AP3970P-G1 8 dip 6200 smps ic AP3968M-G1 1N4007 rectifier diode AP3970SP-G1 AP3970 AP3970P7-G1 SMPS Switcher IC of DIP 7 DIP7 SMPS
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