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2004 - AP2085

Abstract: MO-220 marking 535 RF 5 GHz Power Amplifier
Text: AP2085 5 GHz Power Amplifier 2004.08.06 Preliminary AP2085 is a linear, three-stage power , .11a) modulation at 3.3V. AP2085 can also deliver ~20dBm linear output power for EVM<3%, and 31dB gain at 5.0 V. The AP2085 is housed in a 3 x 3 (mm), 16 pin, QFN package. This power amplifier is suitable for the , to make any changes to the specifications without notice. 1 of 9 AP2085 RF IN AP2085 5 , -40 dBc Detector Response Pout=18dBm 0.6 0.5 V Vdet AP2085 For more

PDF AP2085 AP2085 18dBm 54Mbps IEEE802 20dBm 85GHz) 85GHz MO-220 marking 535 RF 5 GHz Power Amplifier
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