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2007 - 1n4007 sod-123

Text: AND8278 /D NCP1351 Evaluation Board 16 V / 32 V ­ 40 W Printer Power Supply Prepared by: Nicolas , , implying 1 Publication Order Number: AND8278 /D AND8278 /D an overload condition, it will start to , , larger capacitor (C7), ensures enough VCC in standby. 2 AND8278 /D The , electronic ac source. 3 AND8278 /D Efficiency: VIN (POUT) 120 Vac 230 Vac , :// 4 AND8278 /D 2.7 s 32 V VOUT VDRAIN Figure 5. Startup Time, VIN = 85 Vac 538

PDF AND8278/D NCP1351 1n4007 sod-123 1N4007 sod123 optocoupler SFH615 SMD DIODE 1N4007 DATASHEET TL431 SMD 1n4007 smd 1206 SMD zener diode 7.5 b C4 capacitor 1000 MF irf*6n60 diode zener c23
2007 - SMD SOT23 transistor MARK Y1

Text: AND8278 : Evaluation Board, 16 V/ 32 V 40 W Printer Power Supply 11.2 References CSC (China): · http

PDF TND320/D Feb-07 D8278: SMD SOT23 transistor MARK Y1 TL431 smd marking smd transistor marking d10 smd transistor marking D9 MARKING SMD PNP TRANSISTOR R 1206 X10 smd fuses Zener diode smd marking c6 zener DIODE smd color marking 1206 SMD resistor NF marking TRANSISTOR SMD c4
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