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AK8826VN Asahi Kasei Microsystems Corporation Color Signal Encoder

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2010 - AK8826

Abstract: DI562 "RGB to YCbCr" CEA-805-B LPFH
Text: received at the first byte, data at the second and succeeding bytes are transmitted from the AK8826. S , Device. To be output by the AK8826. Note: At the MutipleByte Read/Write Sequence, read or write register , -01 23 2008/12 [ AK8826VN ] Mode Select AK8826 has 3-function block as Composite Video Encoder , [ AK8826VN ] Data Input Format AK8826 supports 4 kinds of Data Input Format such as 8-bit YCbCr / 16 , MS0972-E-01 36 2008/12 [ AK8826VN ] Color Bar Signal Generation Function The AK8826 can output

PDF AK8826VN] AK8826VN AK8826 10bit SMTE-125M BT601, SMPTE-274M 1080i) SMPTE296M MS0972-E-01 DI562 "RGB to YCbCr" CEA-805-B LPFH
2012 - AK8826

Abstract: No abstract text available
Text: [ AK8826VN ] AK8826VN HD/SD Multi Format Video Encoder with 3ch DAC 概 要 AK8826 は 10bit ã , 2012/12 [ AK8826VN ] AK8826 はモード切替えにより ・マルチフã , 最小パルス幅はリセットに必要なパルス幅とします。 MS0972-J-02 14 2012/12 [ AK8826VN ] (5) パワーアップシーケンス AK8826 , シーケンスにてアクセスしてください。 MS0972-J-02 22 2012/12 [ AK8826VN ] ■モード切り換え AK8826 , [ AK8826VN ] ■入力クロック AK8826 に入力するクロックは動作モードによってç

PDF AK8826VN] AK8826VN AK8826 10bit SMPTE-125M-1995/ITU-R SMPTE274M-1998 1080i) SMPTE296M-2001 MS0972-J-02 AK8826
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