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Text: . REV. 0 S/D CONVERTERS 3-31 AD2S47- SPECIFICATIONS Parameter ACCURACY Resolution Error , Stabilization Systems High Precision, Single Supply Resolver/Synchro-to-Digital Converter AD2S47 FUNCTIONAL BLOCK DIAGRAM r£rr?rmr- î t n QNP VL R SB S S4 S3 32 S1 GENERAL DESCRIPTION The AD2S47 , transducer. The AD2S47 operates at reference frequencies of either 400 Hz or 800 Hz (see Ordering Guide). The AD2S47 operates on the type 2 tracking loop principle, resulting in the digital output continuously

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PDF 8-/16-BK 16-Bit 14-/16-BK /sec--14-Bit 36-Pin AD2S47 AD2S47 14-bit SDC-14531 16-Bit Tracking Resolver to Digital DDC SR ms 14531 natel resolver to synchro

Text: 3-2 S/D CONVERTERS Selection Tree S/D Converters MOTION CONTROL PRODUCTS Position-to-Digital Converters Resolver-to-Digital AD2S46 (16-Bit) AD2S47 (16-Bit) AD2S80A (10- to 16-Bit) AD2S82A (10- to 16-Bit) AD2S83 (10- to 16-Bit) AD2S34 (Dual C hannel, 14-Bit) SDC/RDC1740 (14-Bit, Iso) AD2S81A (12-Bit) AD2S44 (Dual C hannel, 12-Bit) SDC/RDC1741 (12-Bit, Iso) SDC/RDC1742 (12-Bit, Iso) AD2S90 (12 , * AD2S47 12,10 16, 14 R S, R ±8 ±1.3, ±2.6 375, 1500 5,20 2.0-40.0 200,400 kNo No C ,I

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PDF AD2S46 16-Bit) AD2S47 AD2S80A AD2S82A AD2S83 AD2S82A drc1745 inductosyn natel resolver to synchro STM1680
Supplyframe Tracking Pixel