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1997 - A4306SN

Abstract: No abstract text available
Text: terminated with an N connector. Any length of feedline can be used with your A4306SN. The shortest length of , feed line can be used with your A4306SN. The shortest length cable will have the least loss. FIGURE , ASSEMBLY AND INSTALLATION A4306SN 70 CENTIMETER BROADBAND 430-440 MHz SSB / CW / FM YAGI COMMUNICATIONS ANTENNAS 951703 (6/96) A4306SN WARNING THIS ANTENNA IS AN ELECTRICAL CONDUCTOR. CONTACT , . Your Cushcraft A4306SN antenna is designed and manufactured to give top performance and trouble free

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Abstract: A449-SK a148-sk A148SK A14-SK A449-VPK A449VPKS A14VPKS A14820S A14-VPK
Text: 10.5 18 >10 350 60 2.9 (0.89) 13(33) 2.9 (.89) A44911S 440-450 11 13.2 20 >10 350 A4306SN 430-440

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