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Text: DATA SHEET NEC / MOS INTEGRATED CIRCUIT MC-422000LFB72F 3.3 V OPERATION 2 M-WORD BY 72-BIT DYNAMIC RAM MODULE HYPER PAGE MODE (EDO) Description The MC-422000LFB72F is a 2,097,152 words by 72 bits dynamic RAM m odule on which 9 pieces of 16 M DRAM: uPD42170O5L are assembled. This module provides high density and large quantities of memory in a sm all space w ithout utilizing the surfacem ounting technology on the printed circuit board. Decoupling capacitors are mounted on power supply line

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PDF MC-422000LFB72F 72-BIT MC-422000LFB72F uPD42170O5L 22000LFB72F
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