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    SiT8256AC-2F-18E-156.257800 SiTime SiT8256AC-2F-18E-156.257800 Datasheet
    SIT8924BE-18-18E-25.000000 SiTime SIT8924BE-18-18E-25.000000 Datasheet
    SIT8925BE-11-18E-137.000000 SiTime SIT8925BE-11-18E-137.000000 Datasheet
    SiT8256AC-2F-18E-156.250000 SiTime SiT8256AC-2F-18E-156.250000 Datasheet
    SiT8256AI-32-18E-156.250000 SiTime SiT8256AI-32-18E-156.250000 Datasheet
    SIT8918BA-21-18E-50.000000 SiTime SIT8918BA-21-18E-50.000000 Datasheet
    SF Impression Pixel

    SIT8209AC-23-18E-161.132800Y Price and Stock

    SiTime Corporation SIT8209AC-23-18E-161.132800Y

    Clock Oscillator 161.1328MHz 1.8V 15pF 4-Pin QFN T/R - Tape and Reel (Alt: SIT8209AC-23-18E-1)
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    Avnet Americas SIT8209AC-23-18E-161.132800Y Reel 12 Weeks 1,000
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    SIT8209AC-23-18E-161.132800Y SiTIME Crystals, Oscillators, Resonators - Oscillators - MEMS OSC XO 161.1328MHZ LVCMOS Original PDF