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    2008 - kf10n60

    Abstract: transistor kf10n60 KF10N60FR mosfet KF10N60 FR 152 diode
    Text: .)= 29.5nC trr(typ.)=150nS @VGS=10V D N A KF10N60PR /FR N CHANNEL MOS FIELD EFFECT TRANSISTOR KF10N60PR O C F E G B Q I K M L J H P DIM MILLIMETERS _ 0.2 9.9 + A B C D E F G H I J K L M 15.95 MAX , Power Dissipation Tc=25 Derate above 25 ) RATING SYMBOL KF10N60PR VDSS VGSS ID IDP EAS EAR dv/dt PD , . SOURCE * : Drain current limited by maximum junction temperature. PIN CONNECTION ( KF10N60PR , No : 0 1/7 KF10N60PR /FR ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS (Tc=25 CHARACTERISTIC ) TEST

    PDF 150nS KF10N60PR/FR KF10N60PR Fig15. Fig16. Fig17. kf10n60 transistor kf10n60 KF10N60FR mosfet KF10N60 FR 152 diode

    2008 - kf10n60

    Abstract: mosfet KF10N60
    Text: . 12 Revision No : 0 2/7 KF10N60PR /FR Fig1. ID - VDS Fig2. ID - VGS VDS=30V VGS , ) 3/7 KF10N60PR /FR Fig 7. C - VDS Fig8. Qg- VGS 12 Ciss 103 Coss 102 Crss , KF10N60PR /FR Fig12. Transient Thermal Response Curve (KF10N60P) Transient Thermal Resistance 100 , KF10N60PR /FR Fig14. Gate Charge VGS 10 V Fast Recovery Diode ID 0.8 VDSS ID 1.0 mA Q , VGS Revision No : 0 td(on) ton tr td(off) tf toff 6/7 KF10N60PR /FR Fig17

    PDF KF10N60P/F KF10N60P Fig15. Fig16. KF10N60PR/FR Fig17. kf10n60 mosfet KF10N60
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