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    2010 - E1670E30

    Text: . E1670E30 (Ver. 3.0) Date Published January 2011 (K) Japan Printed in Japan URL: , EDJ2104BCSE, EDJ2108BCSE (E1677E). Data Sheet E1670E30 (Ver. 3.0) 2 EBJ41UF8BCS0 Pin Configurations , E1670E30 (Ver. 3.0) 3 EBJ41UF8BCS0 Pin Description Pin name A0 to A14 A10 (AP) A12 (/BC) BA0, BA1 , 204 pin Back side Data Sheet E1670E30 (Ver. 3.0) 4 EBJ41UF8BCS0 Serial PD Matrix -DJ , F0h 83h 81h 00h 00h 00h Data Sheet E1670E30 (Ver. 3.0) 5 EBJ41UF8BCS0 -DJ Byte No. 60 61 62

    PDF EBJ41UF8BCS0 204-pin 1600Mbps/1333Mbps to1066Mbps/800Mbps/667Mbps M01E1007 E1670E30 E1670E30 EBJ41UF8BCS0 EBJ41UF8BCS0-DJ-F EDJ2108BCSE-DJ-F EDJ2108BCSE
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