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1999 - video dc restore

Abstract: XRD4460 XRD9855 XRDAN111 EXAR Function generator
Text: XRDAN111 XRD9855 Clamp Only Line Timing (XRD4460 Compatible) May 1999-2 Application Note: INTRODUCTION At the beginning and/or end of every Charged Coupled Device (CCD) line there are a number of dummy and Optical Black (OB) pixels. The XRD9855 uses the output from these pixels for the DC restore , Corporation, 48720 Kato Road, Fremont, CA 94538 · (510) 668-7000 · FAX (510) 668-7017 XRDAN111 Line N , Pixels Defined by the Clamp Timing Signal Rev. 1.00 XRDAN111 Figure 3, shows the equivalent

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