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Abstract: PSB8593 T7527 PSB RESISTORS psb8592
Text: SIEMENS AKTIENGESELLSCHAF S I E î> B 2 3 SbDS D 0 M 2 37 M bM5 « S I E G Dual-Tone Multi-Frequency Generator Preliminary Data Type PSB 8592 PSB 8593 PSB 8592 PSB 8593 MOS 1C Ordering Code Q67100-Y956 Q67100-H8168 Package DIP 20 DIP 20 The DTMF generator PSB 8592/PSB 8593 is specially designed to implement a dual-tone telephone dialling system. The device can be connected directly to a standard pushbutton telephone (single contact keyboard type X-Y matrix code) and is operated together with

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PDF Q67100-Y956 Q67100-H8168 8592/PSB fl235b05 8593t PSB8593 T7527 PSB RESISTORS psb8592
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