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PDI1394P25EC PDI1394P25EC ECAD Model Philips Semiconductors 1-port 400 Mbps physical layer interface Original PDF

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2001 - Not Available

Abstract: No abstract text available
Text: RANGE 0 to +70°C 0 to +70°C ORDER CODE PDI1394P25BD PDI1394P25EC PKG. DWG. # SOT314-2 SOT534-1 1. 2

PDF PDI1394P25 P1394a
2001 - PDI1394L40

Abstract: PDI1394L41 PDI1394P25 PDI1394P25BD PDI1394P25EC TSB41AB1
Text: PDI1394P25EC SOT534-1 1. 2. Implements technology covered by one or more patents of Apple Computer

2001 - PDI1394P25BD

Abstract: PDI1394L40 PDI1394L41 PDI1394P25 PDI1394P25EC TSB41AB1 268US
Text: to +70°C PDI1394P25BD SOT314-2 64-ball plastic LFBGA 0 to +70°C PDI1394P25EC SOT534

PDF PDI1394P25 P1394a P1394ao PDI1394P25BD PDI1394L40 PDI1394L41 PDI1394P25 PDI1394P25EC TSB41AB1 268US
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