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MTX8510 EMCORE 12 x 2.7 Gbps Parallel Array Transmitter Module, MPO (MTP) connector Original PDF

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Abstract: IEC-825-1 MRX8510 MTX8510 photodiode BGA package
Text: MTX8510 / MRX8510 12 x 2.7 Gbps ArrayTransmitter and Receiver Modules in BGA (Ball Grid Array) packages The MTX8510 and MRX8510 provide continuous ous aggregate optical throughput of 32 Gbps for a variet or riety of short reach applications requiring very high ry throughput in small footprint at , interconnects Compliance FDA Class 1 ­ Waiver Pending IEC Class 1M MTX8510 / MRX8510 12 x 2.7 Gbps , . Ordering Information MTX8510 12 x 2.7Gbps Parallel Arra Tra rray Transmitter Module, MPO (MTP

PDF MTX8510 MRX8510 MRX8510 OC-48 MTX8510 EMCORE VCSEL IEC-825-1 photodiode BGA package
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