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Cirrus Logic
CDB6158-1 ECAD Model
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CDB61581 datasheet (2)

Part ECAD Model Manufacturer Description Type PDF
CDB6158-1 CDB6158-1 ECAD Model Cirrus Logic Development Boards, Kits, Programmers - Evaluation and Demonstration Boards and Kits - EVAL BD - BASE BRD WM8960 Original PDF
CDB61581 CDB61581 ECAD Model Cirrus Logic Universal Line Interface Unit Original PDF

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1999 - SW-DIP 6

Abstract: A6 DIODE 1n4148 CDB61581 CS61581 HDR12 PE-64936 PE-65351
Text: SOFTWARE The CDB61581 can be configured in the host/software mode using the application CDB61581.EXE , select for the CDB61581. The fast method is to try the ports one by one, going to the Configure Part , to the CDB61581. The user must make sure that the software is configured to use the proper LPT port , CDB61581 Universal Line Interface Unit Features Description s Socketed CS61581 Universal , : CDB61581 5V+ 0V TTIP TCLK TPOS TNEG TRING RCLK RTIP RPOS RNEG CS61581

PDF CDB61581 CS61581 PALCE20RA10H MC74F14N CDB61581 SW-DIP 6 A6 DIODE 1n4148 HDR12 PE-64936 PE-65351
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