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    Abstract: DIN11851 pn50 C276 GB9123 WNK731 316l
    Text: / WNK731 / WNK731 500Pa 4MPa , 4MPa 4MPa , "" 04MPa 0500Pa 04MPa 02KPa -0.13.9MPa -500Pa0 040MPa 05KPa 040MPa 05KPa -0.139.9MPa -5KPa0 ( () A WNK731 135mm WNK731 WNK731 B 150mm 132mm 112mm C 98mm D 104mm / WNK731 / ·G1/2A 11.4mm ·M20×1.5 11.4mm ·G1/2A E [DIN3852/11] [ NPT ] · 316L C276 WNK731 1 2 [] / WNK731 / WNK731

    PDF WNK731 WNK731 500Pa 04MPa 0500Pa 02KPa -500Pa0 040MPa 05KPa DIN1185 DIN11851 pn50 C276 GB9123 316l

    Abstract: No abstract text available
    Text: WNK133 WNK133 WNK133 WNK133 WNK133 : 040MPa 01KPa : 040MPa 010KPa -0.1MPa +2.4MPa -2KPa +2KPa ·M3 ·M20×1.5 ·:M20×1.5 · 12.5V30VDC [] WNK133 WNK133 ±5% 40%100% Z S A. B.M4 C. Wnk Electron

    PDF WNK133 040MPa 01KPa 010KPa 5V30VDC WNK133

    Abstract: No abstract text available
    Text: DBYDBY -S 0-40MPa , 4-20mA.DC 0.2 0.5 24VDC -25-+100 Dalian Wanhe Automatic Engineering

    PDF 0-40MPa, 4-20mA 24VDC 24VDC

    Abstract: SUS304
    Text: 1/1 Shenzhen Honest Power Tech.,Inc. PS-040 ttttPS-040 040MPa SUS304 M20×1.5 / NPT1/2" M20×1.5 / M20×1.5 | 3039 121208 0755-28169253 28169254 :0755-28191974-8006 518003 2004-6-1 Shenzhen Honest Power Tech

    PDF PS-040 ttttPS-040 040MPa SUS304 PS-040 SUS304

    Abstract: HART268275 CP21
    Text: 1/1 JC-1851 JC-1851 JC-1851 1851 JC-1851/3851 040MPa 0100Pa +85 420mA 0.1% 500%600% 3851190mm JC-1851/3851 HART HART268275 2004-6-4 Beijing JHJC Measure-Control Technology

    PDF JC-1851 JC-1851/3851 040MPa 0100Pa 420mA 3851190mm HART268275 385-1 HART268275 CP21

    Abstract: No abstract text available
    Text: FB0801 90 FB FB0801 025KPa 040MPa :-5%+5%; :-20%+20% 1.5 420mA15V(); 010mA05V() 1236VDC() 0.2 0.5 5%85%RH -30+80 -10+70;-40+120 86108KPa 5%85%RH -10+55 R(K) U-12/20mA >40M ±0.1±0.25%F.S/ ±0.01;±0.025%F.S/ 10 0.3%F.S/ 10g IP67 10 50HZ A FB0801-XX-XX-XXXB FB0801-XX-XX-XXXC D

    PDF FB0801 025KPa 040MPa 420mA15V( 010mA05V( 1236VDC( 86108KPa U-12/20mA FB0801-XX-XX-XXXB FB0801

    Abstract: M20X1 WND3051 WNK3051GP
    Text: / WNK3051 GP/AP/DP/DR/LT / WND3051 3051 EJA 1151CECC HART WNK3051 WNK3051 500% 600% 316LTANHASCMONEL HART : 0.1mm , 4~20mA Dc 00.1KPa 0-40MPa 4~20mA Dc 220V AC 1~10mA Dc :12~45V Dc(2 / WNK3051 GP/AP/DP/DR/LT / 2RL WNK3051 WNK3051 VSRL 50Vs-12 0100%LCD. 100% 500% 600% -29+93LT-25+70 -40+104

    PDF WNK3051 WND3051 1151CECC WNK3051 316LTANHASCMONEL 0-40MPa M20X1 WND3051 WNK3051GP

    Abstract: No abstract text available
    Text: FB5000GP 00.25KPa 040MPa 420mA DC 24V DC 12V DC 45V DC 500% 600% -25+90 ; -40+104 3 0.16cm ds BT5; ia CT5 6MPa 014MPa 20MPa 032MPa 42MPa 052MPa 60MPa 1100% 0.21.67 2 316 ±0.25% ±0.25% 1 ±0.5%/55 ±1.0%/55 2 ±3.0%/55 ±3.5%/55 3 12001300 ±0.25% 200Hz± 0.005%/V 0.005%/V 12V 0.24KPa , 316 C O 316

    PDF FB5000GP 25KPa 040MPa 420mA 014MPa 20MPa 032MPa 42MPa 052MPa 60MPa FB5000GP
    Not Available

    Abstract: No abstract text available
    Text: UXJ 1/1 UXJ :0-0.6m10m -20-260 0-4.0Mpa 0.68 1.25m 2/s -10-5585% 368 0535-8216840,8234181 0535-8240881 265400 (C) 2004-6-8 Zhaoyuan Daming Instrument

    PDF 6m10m

    Abstract: YSZK-110 0-40kpa YSZK-130 YSZK-100
    Text: 0-4.0Mpa F7 0-6.0Mpa H1 0-10Mpa H2 0-30Mpa H3 0-60Mpa H4 0-100Mpa H5

    PDF YSZK-100 YSZK-110 YSZK-120 YSZK-130 420mA 24VDC 1240VDC 4-20mA DN50 YSZK-110 0-40kpa YSZK-130 YSZK-100
    4558 ic sub

    Abstract: orifice
    Text: P1 approx. 0.68MPa for orifice ø4 (VCS21) is P1 approx. 0.40MPa for orifice ø5 (VCS21) is P1 approx

    PDF OR-1860-120- VCS30 OR-2380-130- VCS40 OR-2600-180- VCS20 OR-1400-178- OR-2670-178- VCS30, OR-1717-178- 4558 ic sub orifice

    Abstract: SS316 IEC1131-3 1151AP 1151DP 1151DR 1151HP 1151LT FR1151DP FR1151GP
    Text: FRll51 1 l151 Fremont ( l15l ) F 1151 2 LT l 010mm 420mA 3 0-016KPa 0-40MPao 4-20mADC() 12-45VDC RL Vs RL=50(Vs 12) 2 0100 0-10 312 LCD 0-100% dIIBT5 iaIICT6 ( 61) 500 600 10 -29-+93LT -25-+70) -40-+104-18-+70 LT +15-+315-40-+150 115lDP 10MPa l15lDR 4MPa 1151HP 32MPa 1151AP 10MPa l15lGP 3-810MPa 9 32MPa 10 60MPa 1151LT O-loo 02S 167S 2S 1151DR 051151DP 3-502% 6 () i025 2() 3-9 3-5(J ) 4-8(LT

    PDF FRll51 010mm 420mA 0-016KPa 0-40MPao 4-20mADC( 12-45VDC 115lDP 10MPa l15lDR SS316L SS316 IEC1131-3 1151AP 1151DP 1151DR 1151HP 1151LT FR1151DP FR1151GP
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