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TW8846AT-LA1-GE Intersil Corporation LCD Video Processor with Decoder, LVDS, TTL, MIPI, Image Enhancement, and Video Integrity Diagnostic; LQFP156; Temp Range: See Datasheet

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BC846AT,115 Nexperia Chip1Stop 400 $0.05 $0.05
BC846AT115 NXP Semiconductors Rochester Electronics 2,994 $0.04 $0.03
TW8846AT-LA1-GE Renesas Electronics Corporation Avnet 0 $11.99 $10.79

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transistor BC SERIES

Text: REFERENCE DATA SYMBOL VcBO PARAMETER collector-base voltage BC 846AT ; BC846BT BC 847AT; BC 847BT , voltage BC 846AT ; BC846BT BC 847AT; B C 847BT; BC847CT BC 848AT; B C 848BT; BC848CT 65 45 30 5 100 200 , hFE em itter cut-off current DC current gain BC 846AT ; BC847AT; BC848AT BC846BT; B C 847B T

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PDF BC846T; BC847T; BC848T SC-75 BC856T, BC857T BC858T BC846AT 846BT BC847AT transistor BC SERIES TRANSISTOR BC 313 BC transistor series transistor Bc 580 transistor BC 312 BC856T BC847BT C847b
transistor Bc 540

Text: 817U PN BC 818-16 BC 818-16W BC 818-25 BC 818-25W BC 818-40 BC 818-40W BC 846A BC 846AT BC

PDF 0-02V 0-03W 3-02V 3-02W 3-03W 3-04W 3-05W 3-06W 4-02V 4-02W transistor Bc 540 68W SOT marking codes transistors a1 sot-23 MARKING 68W SOT-23 sot 223 marking code AH dk marking code sot-89 MARKING CODE DH SOT 23 sot-89 MARKING CODE BN marking code 67a sot23 6 marking code AC sot 23-5

Text: Marking Sorted by Code Marking Type Package Marking Type Package 13 13s 14 14s 15 15s 16 16s 17 17s 1A 1A 1A 1As 1B 1B 1Bs 1Bs 1C 1D 1D 1Ds 1E 1Es 1F 1F 1Fs 1G 1G 1G 1Gs 1J 1J 1Js 1K 1K 1K 1K BAS 125 BAS 125W BAS 125-04 BAS 125-04W BAS 125-05 BAS 125-05W BAS 125-06 BAS 125-06W BAS 125-07 BAS 125-07W BC 846A SMBT 3904 SMBT 3904S BC 846AT BC 846B BC 846BW BC 817U PN BC 846BT BC 847S BC 846S SMBTA 42 BC 846U BC 847A BC 847AT

PDF 25-04W 25-05W 25-06W 25-07W 3904S 846AT 846BW 846BT 847AT 847BW MARKING 68W SOT-23 marking code 67a sot23 6 sot143 Marking code 5B SOT-363 marking CF baw 92 54 fk SOT-23 BAT 545 sot-89 MARKING CODE BN SOT-363 marking BF MARKING CODE DH SOT 23
S4 78a DIODE schottky

Text: 250 < 15 30 110 - 450* 2 5 < 0.60 100 5 SOT-23 w BC 846AT N 65 200

PDF 25-RF-BIPOLAR-Transistors. 45-RF-BIPOLAR-Transistors. OT-23 OT-143 S4 78a DIODE schottky diode S6 78A BC 148 TRANSISTOR DATASHEET transistors BC 543 TRANSISTOR BC 158 BC 158 is npn or pnp 68W npn TRANSISTOR BC baw 92 DIODE TA 70/04
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