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T2020072101-000 TE Connectivity (T2020072101-000) HD-007-M
T2080072101-000 TE Connectivity (T2080072101-000) HQ-007-M
MC8010-F-21-16-PN (YMC8010-F-21-16PN0) TE Connectivity (YMC8010-F-21-16PN0) ARINC 801, REC
6PCR-12-007 (1-1437652-4) TE Connectivity (1-1437652-4) 6PCR-12-007=6PCR-12-007
FCA-125-7 (5-1617748-4) TE Connectivity (5-1617748-4) FCA-125-7=M6106/19-007
6PCR-06-007 (8-1437651-8) TE Connectivity (8-1437651-8) 6PCR-06-007=6PCR-06-007
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2M801-007-16ZNU8-28SA Amphenol Corporation Avnet - - -
801-007-16ZNU8-28SA Glenair Inc Interstate Connecting Components - - -
801-007-16ZNU8-28SA Glenair Inc Powell Electronics 15 $382.68 $180.76

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