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Abstract: fil-mag 78Z4488C-01 filmag e z7m A 2611 78Z4
Text: 78Z4488C-01 Quad Riter Module a Pulse ' A TECHNITROL CO MP AN Y 10Base-T Quad Filter Module Key Features n All Rl-Mag® components are manufactured in ISO 9001 certified facilities to meet the highest international standards n Includes fully integrated four transmit and four receive channels n , No 78Z4488C-01 R1=R3 Q. 61,9+1% R2=R4 Q. 422,0 ± 1% R6=R7 Q, 49,9 ±1% R 5 Ì2 1,21K , TECHNITROL CO M PA N Y 78Z4488C-01 Quad niter Module 10Base-T Quad Filter Module M echanical

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PDF 78Z4488C-01 10Base-T 79C980 79C981 "Z7M" fil-mag filmag e z7m A 2611 78Z4
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