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Text: LC8953 No. N 3 4 1 1 C No. N3411B LC8953 CMOS LSI 68000MPU LSI PUPPET(Programmable Universal Peripheral / Port Expansion uniT) 68000MPU I / F DMA 68000 LSI / DTACK TICK () 1 LC8951(RCHIP) LC8955 1 DMA 68000MPU LC8951(RCHIP)LC8955 , 0-4 DTACK DTACK 3. PINTH() 68000MPU IPL / 4. RCHIPIF(LC8951(RCHIP) LC8951(RCHIP) 68000MPU MPU 5. ADPCMIF(LC8955 ) LC8955 68000MPU LC8955 / MPU 6. TICKGEN(TICK ) OS 7

PDF LC8953 N3411B 68000MPU LC8951 LC8955 LC8955 pn156 34119 PN150 16DMA LC8953 PN68 TICK
cdi circuit diagram

Text: interface with the General-Purpose 68000MPU. On-chip attenuator circuit (4-channel independent gain setting

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PDF LC8954 LC8954 LC89560. LC8951, LC8955, LC8953) LC89560 68000MPU. 128-piverview cdi circuit diagram cdi diagram 128-PIN cdi circuit
2002 - CRC-16

Text: ( 68000MPU ). MDF S = 0: inverse with the above, i.e., the most significant bytes of next buffer start

PDF PT7A6632 32-Channel 048Mb/s PCM-30 PT019 CRC-16
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