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Power Transformer EE-16

Text: 5V890mA Charger Solution Using AP3706 System Engineering 2008.05.27 Contents Specifications Demo Board Schematic Bill of Material Transformer Specs Test Results Summary Specification Description Min Typ Max Units 90 47 50/60 264 63 300 VAC Hz mW 5.3 5 850 890 4.45 9 200 950 V mVpp mA W ms Input Voltage Frequency No Load Input Power Output Output Voltage Output Ripple Voltage Output Current Output Power (Pno

PDF 5V890mA AP3706 EN55022 115VAC 230Vac 110mV Power Transformer EE-16 Bobbin EE 16 AP3706 ee16 transformer specification ee16 bobbin specification EE-16 6 pin bobbin core EE16 transformer EE16 core pc40 EE16 ee-16 transformer
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