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568LMB063M2DF Illinois Capacitor Inc Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor, Aluminum (wet)
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568LMB063M2DF Illinois Capacitor Inc Richardson RFPD - $3.66 $3.66

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2014 - 398LMB080M2DF

Abstract: 568LMB063M2EE 339LMB025M2EH 229LMB025M2EE
Text: 568LMB063M2DF 88.8141 3.22 30x40 12000 16 129LMB016M2BE 69.0777 2.9 22x35 5600 63

PDF 5000uA 35x45 399LMB016M2DG 30x45 279LMB010M2BH 22x50 399LMB016M2EF 35x40 279LMB010M2CF 25x40 398LMB080M2DF 568LMB063M2EE 339LMB025M2EH 229LMB025M2EE
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