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Abstract: SML6040HN sml5540hn d6133
Text: SE HE LA B PLC hiQE D 61 33 10 7 OOGOflbe 04^4 S H L B llll LAB MAXIMUM RATINGS Symbol V DSS *D 'dm V GS SEME Parameter = F F = llll MOS POWER 4 ' P 3 c» - ` 5 SML6040HN SML5540HN SML6045HN SML5545HN 600V 550V 600V 550V 16.5A 16.5A 15.5A 15.5A 0.40Í2 0.4012 0A5Í1 0.45Q N-CHANNEL ENHANCEMENT MODE HIGH VOLTAGE POWER MOSFETS All Ratings: Tc = 25°C unless otherwise specified. SML 5540HN SML 6040HN SML 5545HN SML 6045HN UNIT Volts Drain-Source Voltage Continuous Drain

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PDF SML6040HN SML5540HN SML6045HN SML5545HN 5540HN 6040HN 5545HN 6045HN 0G00flb5 SML6040/5540/6045/5545HN d6133

Abstract: No abstract text available
Text: ADVANCED POWER TECHNOLOGY blE D DZS?^ 000GÖ21 IS? « A V P ADVANCED POW ER T e c h n o lo g y 9 APT6040HN 600V 16.5A 0.40Q APT5540HN 550V 16.5A 0.40Q APT6045HN 600V 15.5A 0.45D APT5545HN550V15.5A 0.45H All Ratings: Tc = 25°C unless otherwise specified. APT 5540HN 550 16.5 66 ±30 250 2.0 -55 to 150 °C Lead Temperature: 0.063" from Case for 10 Sec. 300 APT 6040HN 600 APT 554SHN 550 15.5 Amps Pulsed Drain Current ® Gate-Source Voltage Total Power Dissipation @ Tc = 25°C PD POWER MOS

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PDF APT6040HN APT5540HN APT6045HN APT5545HN550V15 5540HN 6040HN 554SHN 6045HN APT6040/5540/6045/5545HN APT5S40/S545HI 6045h
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