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Text: NATIONAL SEMICOND -CLOGIO 31E D CTH National éSek Semiconductor 54LS40/DM74LS40 Dual 4-lnput NAND Buffer General Description This device contains two independent gates each of which perform the logic NAND function. bSQllES □□bc17fla 3 T-UIS-OO Connection Diagrams Dual-ln-Llne Package iN 13 <2 "-HC IFT 10. 8 TUF/10171-1 Order Number 54LS40DMQB, 54LS40FMQB, 54LS40LMQB , DM74LS40M or DM74LS40N See NS Package Number E20A, J14A, M14A, N14A or W14B 2-56 NATIONAL SEUICOND -CLOGIO 31E D ■bSQllÉS

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PDF 54LS40/DM74LS40 bc17fla TUF/10171-1 54LS40DMQB, 54LS40FMQB, 54LS40LMQB, DM74LS40M DM74LS40N T-43-15 54LS40DMQB 54LS40FMQB 54LS40LMQB E20A J14A M14A N14A
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