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2008 - ygv63

Abstract: 4GV632A20
Text: development of control programs. YGV632 CATALOG CATALOG No.: LSI- 4GV632A20 2008.7 YGV632 VC1D contains , Layer 0 Video Camera Image A lion in a cage Border Plane -2- 4GV632A20 YGV632 Features , also connected. -3- 4GV632A20 YGV632 ¾ Device specifications · 144-pin Lead-free LQFP , Processor To all blocks Clock Gen. -4- 4GV632A20 YGV632 Example of System Configuration A , -5- 4GV632A20 YGV632 Pin Function CPU Interface Pin Name D7-0 PS2-0 CS_N RD_N WR_N WAIT_N

PDF YGV632 MD15-0 4GV632A20 MA25-n ygv63 4GV632A20
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