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45F15B 45F15B ECAD Model Fox Electronics Electromechanical Filter 45 MHz BPF, 3 dB IL, 1 dB Inband ripple Original PDF
45F 15B 45F 15B ECAD Model SNR Electromechanical Filter 45.9625 MHz BPF, 3 dB IL, 1.5 dB Inband ripple Scan PDF

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2005 - HC49SPXLF

Abstract: F1148E 158lf f5l-4f F1100E HC49S HC49SD HC49SPX HC49SSD HC49U
Text: Product Change Notification PCN Publish Date: 09/20/ 2005 (Revision 2) PCN#: 223 Change , Change: Start of change-over is July 1, 2005 Last buy date for product manufactured with volume manufacturing Pb process is December 31, 2005 . Customer Impact and Response: We sincerely hope this change , 21M15D 21M20A 21M20B 21M30A 21M30B 45F15A 45F15B 45F20A 45F20B 45F30A 45F30B 45M15A 45M15B , 21M20BLF 21M30ALF 21M30BLF 45F15ALF 45F15BLF 45F20ALF 45F20BLF 45F30ALF 45F30BLF 45M15ALF

PDF HC49U, HC49S, HC49SS, HC49SD, HC49SSD, HC49SPX, F1100E F7250 F7350 FOX801 HC49SPXLF F1148E 158lf f5l-4f HC49S HC49SD HC49SPX HC49SSD HC49U
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