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1998 - MOS Controlled Thyristor

Abstract: MCT thyristor MCTV75P60E1 MA75P60E1
Text: April 1998 NS ESIG 2 D 00F NEW S E M I C O N D U C T O R OR 3D65P1 F D NDE MCT MME 100F2, O C RE 65P NOT MCT3A See MCTV75P60E1, MCTA75P60E1 JEDEC STYLE TO-247 5-LEAD ANODE ANODE CATHODE GATE RETURN GATE 75A, 600V P-Type MOS Controlled Thyristor (MCT) Package Features · 75A, -600V · VTM = -1.3V(Maximum) at I = 75A and +150oC · 2000A Surge Current Capability · 2000A/µs di/dt Capability · MOS Insulated Gate Control · 120A Gate Turn-Off Capability at +150oC Description The MCT is an MOS

PDF 3D65P1 100F2, MCTV75P60E1, MCTA75P60E1 O-247 -600V 150oC MOS Controlled Thyristor MCT thyristor MCTV75P60E1 MA75P60E1
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