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2009 - 2N7550

Text: , 2N7489, 2N7498, 2N7501, 2N7487, 2N7490 , 2N7499, 2N7502, 2N7546, 2N7548 Dimensions Ltr. Tolerance , A-version die dimensions, 2N7485, 2N7488, 2N7497, 2N7500, 2N7486, 2N7489, 2N7498, 2N7501, 2N7487, 2N7490 , 2N7490 or 2N7499 or 2N7502 MIL-PRF-19500/705, 2N7490 250 N 3 5 2N7503 or 2N7518-Nch or , 2N7501 2N7487 or 2N7490 or 2N7499 or 2N7502 2N7521 or 2N7525 or 2N7503 or 2N7518 N-channel 2N7523 , 2N7487 or 2N7490 or 2N7499 or 2N7502 JANHCAR2N7490, JANKCAR2N7490, JANHCAF2N7490, JANKCAF2N7490

PDF MIL-PRF-19500/741A MIL-PRF-19500/741 MIL-PRF-19500. 2N7550 2N7520 2n7546 2n7545 2N7549 2n7479 2N7481 2N7480 2N7471 2N7476

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Text: . for 2N7490T3. e. Initial case temperature , TYPES 2N7488T3, 2N7489T3, AND 2N7490T3 , JANTXVR AND JANSR This specification is approved for use by , ) TC = +100°C IS IDM (5) TJ and TSTG W 2N7488T3 2N7489T3 2N7490T3 PT (1) TC = , 2N7490T3 V dc Min 2.5 2.5 2.5 130 200 250 TJ = +150°C µA dc mJ 10 10 10 , 2N7488T3 2N7489T3 2N7490T3 3407 VGS = 0, ID = 1 mA dc, bias condition C V (BR)DSS Gate to

PDF MIL-PRF-19500/705B 2N7488T3, 2N7489T3, 2N7490T3, MIL-PRF-19500. 2N7488T3 2N7488 2N7489T3 2N7489 2N7490T3 2N7490 diode DLA 5.9 IRHY57133CMSE IRHY57230CMSE IRHY57234CMSE
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