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DPL12VN24A25FR (1879314-4) TE Connectivity (1879314-4) DPL12 24P NDET 25F RED
DPL12VN24A25FG (1879314-8) TE Connectivity (1879314-8) DPL12 24P NDET 25F GREEN
DP11SH2020A25F (2-1879323-7) TE Connectivity (2-1879323-7) DP11S HOR 20P 20DET 25F M7*5MM
DP16V2424A25F (4-1879318-8) TE Connectivity (4-1879318-8) DP16 VER 24P 24DET 25F M9*5MM

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AD-D25F9F Pan Pacific Master Electronics 12 $5.07 $2.67
AD-D25F9F-A Pan Pacific Master Electronics 51 $5.07 $2.67
S-25F9F-10' Pan Pacific Master Electronics 22 $11.96 $7.67
S-25F9F-6' Pan Pacific Master Electronics 10 $9.73 $5.62

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philmore 502j

Text: DB9F-DB25F 25F-9F PAN DB9F-DB25M 30-9516P AIM DB9F-MD6F serial mouse adptr D9F-MD6F PAN

PDF 25/pkg* 358P1 2501F 2501M 2501F) philmore 502j trs stereo jack female jack mini xlr PJ068 RJ11 to 3.5mm jack adapter Switchcraft 3.5mm TRS jack RJ45 to 3.5mm jack adapter 4 CONDUCTOR 3.5mm PLUG P-308-CCT PJ-068
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