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UC1847J883B Rochester Electronics LLC Switching Controller, Current-mode, 0.5A, 500kHz Switching Freq-Max, BICMOS, CDIP16, CERAMIC, DIP-16
UC1847L883B Rochester Electronics LLC PWM
LPS4018-474MRC Coilcraft Inc General Purpose Inductor, 470uH, 20%, 1 Element, Ferrite-Core, SMD, 1515, CHIP, 1515, HALOGEN FREE AND ROHS COMPLIANT
LPS4018-472MR Coilcraft Inc Power inductor, shielded, 20/30% tol, SMT, RoHS, lead-free, halogen-free
LPZ4018-473MRC Coilcraft Inc Power inductor, shielded, 20% tol, SMT, RoHS, halogen-free
LPS4018-472ML Coilcraft Inc OLD PART NUMBER.(Change final L\\ to \\R\\ for new halogen-free part number.)\\

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236-1847 236-1847 ECAD Model Philips Semiconductors Over 600 obsolete distributor catalogs now available on the Datasheet Archive - Logic, Octal Buffer, 3 State, Pkg Style 20 Lead PDIP - Allied/RS Part Number Scan PDF
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