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Abstract: Scans-0017362
Text: TUBES 21BAP4 CATHODE-RAY TUBE 21-INCH, RECTANGULAR GLASS FOCUS—ELECTROSTATIC , CONDUCTIVE COATING ALUMINIZED SCREEN 21BAP4 ET-T1173 Page 1 3-55 DESCRIPTION AND RATING = The 21BAP4 is a rectangular all-glass picture tube which provides a 193/g- by 15-inch picture for direct-view , is assured. Other features of the 21BAP4 include a high-quality fluorescent screen which is , .71 Percent GENERALS ELECTRIC 21BAP4 ET-T1173 Page 2 3-55 MECHANICAL Over-all Length

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PDF 21BAP4 21-INCH, 90-DEGREE 15-INCH ET-T1173 21BAP4 193/g- B6-63 Scans-0017362
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