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Abstract: 1n9628 1N9648 ln9198 1N9818 1N956B 1N962B 037s zener diode 1N962B 1N951
Text: Microsemi Corp. 11M957B thru 11M992B DO-7 FEATURES • 6.8 TO 200V ZENER VOLTAGE RANGE • 1N9628 THRU 1N992E! HAVE JAN, JANTX AND JANTXV QUALIFICATIONS TO Ml LS-19500/117 • 1N962B THRU 1N973B! HAVE S1N QUALIFICATION SILICON 400 mW ZENER DIODES "MAXIMUM RATINGS Steady State Pov^er Dissipation 400 mW Operating and Storage Temperature —65 to 175° Derating Factor Above 25°C 2.67 mW/°C Forward Voltage @ 200 mA: 1.5 Volts * ELECTRICAL. CHARACTERISTICS 25° C JEDEC TYPE NUMBER (Note 1

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PDF 11M957B 11M992B 1N9628 1N992E! LS-19500/117 1N962B 1N973B! V01TAGE 1N9658 1N9648 ln9198 1N9818 1N956B 037s zener diode 1N962B 1N951
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