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199AMX-13 Magnecraft Master Electronics 25 $41.07 $30.19
199AMX-15 Magnecraft Master Electronics 12 $38.57 $27.72
199AMX-63 Magnecraft Master Electronics 13 $203.62 $173.07
199AMX-64 Magnecraft Master Electronics 1 $172.62 $159.03
W199AMX-65 Master Electronic Controls (MEC) Master Electronics 7 $198.55 $177.33

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2010 - E43641

Abstract: 199BX 199AMX 10AC-DC A600 8A DPDT RELAY 220 22A121 199AP
Text: y s 199 Power Relays GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS File No. E43641 File No. E43641 168986 IEC 60947-1 DPDT SPDT SPST-DM 199AX, 199X, 199AMX¹ , 199MX¹, 199ABX², 199BX² 199ADX, 199DX, 199ADYX, 199DYX, 199ADBX², 199DBX² 199P³,4, 199AP³,4 199ADE, 199DE, 199ADBE², 199DBE² Number and type of contacts SPST, SPDT, DPST, DPDT SPST-DM, SPST-DB DPDT, SPDT SPST-DM Contact material AgSnO Thermal (carrying) current rating 40 A Maximum switching

PDF E43641 199AX, 199AMX¹ 199MX¹ 199ABX² 199BX² 199ADX, 199DX, 199ADYX, E43641 199BX 199AMX 10AC-DC A600 8A DPDT RELAY 220 22A121 199AP
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