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Text: 40 — — — — 19603C-2 ORDERING INFORMATION Commercial Products Vantis , \\_^ \ T 19603C-21 O utput Disable/Enable Notes: 1. VT = 1.5 V. 2. In p u t pulse am plitude , 19603C-22 Commercial Specification tp D ’ t c o Si r2 35 pF L — Z: Closed > 390 Q

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PDF PALCE32V16" MACH131 M4-128N GENE4088 ACH231 84-Pin
1997 - HP3070

Text: VCC GND Block A 19603C-2 V A N T I S Commercial Products Vantis programmable logic , 19603C-20 Asynchronous Reset Asynchronous Preset Input, I/O, or Feedback VT tER Outputs tEA VOH ­ 0.5 V VOL + 0.5 V VT 19603C-21 Output Disable/Enable Notes: 1. VT = 1.5 V. 2 , CIRCUIT VCC S1 R1 Output Test Point R2 CL 19603C-22 Commercial Specification tPD , MACH231-6/7/10/12/15 19603C-23 V A N T I S The MACH devices have been designed with the

PDF PALCE32V16" MACH131 M4-128N MACH231 16-038-SQ MACH231-6/7/10/12/15 HP3070 PALCE22V10
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