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Text: C 0 D I SEMICONDUCTOR ( I I I u j r ' * M » >v u INC TO ÏF|l77S470 00 0D bE 3 4 f-'Z-'i-ol CODI Semiconductor, Inc. HIGH CURRENT SILICON BRIDGE RECTIFIERS 10SBthru 35SB W V O LT A G E RANGE 50 to 1000 V olts CURRENT 10 to 35 Amperes FEATURES · Electrically Isolated Metal Case for Maximum Heat Dissipation. · Surge Overload Ratings to 400 Amperes. · Locating Lug (Optional) · For Extra Creepage Distance Additional Plastic Cover Available. · These bridges are on the U/L Recognized

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PDF l77S470 10SBthru CRSSPAT10N 1-800-232-CODI
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