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Text: _G E SOLID STATE 01 DE|3a7SQfll 0Q1SB07 T I 3875081 G E SOLID STATE " 01E 15307 D ) O-Jf j High-Reliability CA3000 Slash-Series Linear ICs _I CA3058/. i \ \ High-Reliability Zero - Voltage Switch For 50/60 and 400-Hz Thyristor Control Applications ' In Aerospace, Military and Critical Industrial Equipment Applications ■Relay control ■Heater control ■Photosensitive control ■Valve control ■Lamp control ■Power one-shot control ■Synchronous switching of flashing lights

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PDF 0Q1SB07 CA3000 CA3058/. 400-Hz 1CAN-6182 CA3058 RCA CA3058 CA3079 1CAN-6182 CA3000/3 rca ca3079 CA3058/3 slash-series
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