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Abstract: LS20 WA-LS20
Text: AT&T MELEC (I C) WA-LS20, WP90223 List 5 aa » QOSOOHb 0DQG17G T ■T-43-15 Dual 4-Input Positive NAND Gate The LS20 is a bipolar, NPN, sealed-junction, silicon integrated circuit. It is manufactured in low-power Schottky technology and is available in a wire-bonded, 14-pin plastic DIP or surface mount package. Electrical Characteristics VCC = 5.0 ±0.5 V, Ta = -55 to +125°C (WA-LS) VCC = 5.0 ±0.25 V, TA = 0 to 70°C (WP) WA-LS WP Parameter Symbol Min Max Min Max Units Output Voltage, Vcc

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PDF WA-LS20, WP90223 0DQG17G T-43-15 14-pin 0050G2b LS20 WA-LS20
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