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PNX8511HW/B1,557 NXP Semiconductors IC SPECIALTY CONSUMER CIRCUIT, PQFP100, 14 X 14 MM, 1 MM HEIGHT, PLASTIC, SOT-638-1, HTQFP-100, Consumer IC:Other
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DC03-11HWA Kingbright Avnet - €1.26 €0.94
SA03-11HWA Kingbright Avnet - €1.16 €0.86
SC0311HWAI Kingbright ComS.I.T. 1,085 - -

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Abstract: 3912E 4311H sc 12000 0411h A03-11SR SA431
Text: SIN G LE D IG IT N U M E R IC DISPLAYS Sx03 Sx36 Sx39 Sx04 Sx43 Kingbright®] Sx05 M P art No. C om m on Anode C om m on C athode Package Description Em itting C olor+ M aterial W avelength (nm) @ o B > Iv (lied) Min. Typ. sassaia Package D im ension S A 03-11HW A SA03-11EW A S A03-11G W A S A 03-11YWA S A03-11SR W A S C 03-12H W A SC 03-12E W A S C 03-12G W A S C 03-12Y W A SC 03-12S R W A 0.3 inch (7mm) Gray Face W hite Segm ent GaP G aAsP/G aP GaP GaAsP/G aP GaAIAs 700 625

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PDF 03-11HW SA03-11EW A03-11G 03-11YWA A03-11SR 03-12H 03-12E 03-12G 03-12Y 03-12S 0312e 3912E 4311H sc 12000 0411h SA431
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