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Abstract: No abstract text available
Text: S5E D KODENSHI CORP V r ,% t,! ?' r Sa4EtOfl 000QCH7 Q ■T'*f/-57 u ji w ! « n ii h r f i r P ^ ^ r H f ii n i f HP-3F ( is DIMENSIONS V 3 > 7 = i- F ? V * - F X 'to (Unit: mm) F 7 - r /U ? —tf#<7)HP - 3FR2t > & 0 £ To The HP-3F is a high-output, high-speed silicon photodiode mounted in a clear sidelooking package. The HP-3FR2 photodiode, with daylight filter, is available in the same package. FEATURES • i ijf f l* • i35& • fSfffift • ^ S H ^

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PDF 000QCH7 f/-57 000Lux S242b0f HP3FR2

Abstract: irt 1260 PG1264 PG1257 PG1254 PG1253 PG1252 PG1251 PG1250 RG-126
Text: ,0043592 A P I ELECTRONICS INC " A P I ELECTRONICS INC 13A0097 T ~ 3 }~ q(? 13 D E | ODHBSTS 000QCH7 0 T - ' IN T E R IM B U L L E T IN S u b je ct to Revision W ith o u t N otice _ -J u ly 15,1971 TYPE PG1250 PG1251 thru PG1252, 5 AMP N P N SILICON PLANAR POWER TRANSISTORS irt n v -v * ' ELÏCTRÔniCS inc. - f- PIRG0» POWER TRANSISTOR ENGINEERING BULLETIN TYPE PG1250 thru PG1252, 5 AMP NPN SILICON PLANAR POWER TRANSISTORS · T O - lll, . · 70 MHz (typical) ·

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PDF 13A0097 000QCH7 PG1250 PG1251 PG1252, 100mA PG1278 PG1281 PG1286 irt 1260 PG1264 PG1257 PG1254 PG1253 PG1252 RG-126
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