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Text: 4flE ]> 77MLjbc iO 0001L3M 4bO « P C H TEK-044-9004 °J RICOH CORP/ ELECTRONIC CMOS Gate Array 5GV Series The RICOH gate array 5GV series complies with the CMOS 1.5ju rule, and offers high speed operation with a gate delay time of 1.0 ns. The 5GV series inherits the rich library of 5GF gate array series. The cell library is compatible with standard cell RSC-15 series and enables LSI development to suit any system and production scale. FEATURES 1. Gate count 6 types, from 4180 to 16140

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PDF 77MLjbc 0001L3M TEK-044-9004 RSC-15 TBF368 M390C M393C CM16BR* M540C M541C 74LS80 74LS198 74LS150 74LS94 OAI32 74LS179 TTL 74LS198 MUX21H TTL 74ls138 to 7 segment 7476 3 bit ripple counter
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