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Abstract: A51R A52R
Text: r CONNOR-lilINFIELD CORP 4bE D CONNOR-WINFIELD CORPORATION 23M3431 00003SS 0 HICNül T-50-23 AURORA. IL. 60505 PHONE (708) 851-4722 FAX (708) 851-5040 ACMOS ENABLE/DISABLE TRISTATE OUTPUT J r SPECIFICATIONS A51R 1 A52R 1 A53R 1 A63R Frequency Range 10MHz to 125MHz Frequency Tolerance +/-.0025% +/-.005% +/-.01* +/-.01* Operating Temp Range 0 to 70 C 0 to +70 C 0 to +70 C -40 to +85 C Storage Temp Range ~55 to +125 degrees C Supp1y Voltage +5Vdc +/-10X Supply Current 150mA Max Wavef orm

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PDF 23M3431 00003SS T-50-23 10MHz 125MHz /-10X 150mA A53R A51R A52R

Abstract: No abstract text available
Text: FOX ELECTRONICS SSE D m 3701^22 00003SS 4 «T'SO-Z^ VCXO-A / VOLTAGE CONTROLLED CRYSTAL OSCILLATOR The FOX VCXO-A is available in a 14 pin dip metal package. This oscillator is ideal for phase lock loop applications that require high stability and moderate frequency capture range at an attractive price. #i vc #7GND #8 Output #14 VCC FEATURES • Rugged Resistance Weld • ±80PPM Puliability • ±30PPM Stability • Superior Quality VCXO-A SPECIFICATIONS Frequency Range 10 MHz-24 MHz

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PDF 00003SS 80PPM 30PPM Hz-24 80PPM 50PPM
Not Available

Abstract: No abstract text available
Text: MICRO PL AS TIC S/CONN ECTOR ECONOM Y SOE T> P IER C E D bCHb^73 00003SS 257 EYELET SER IES .156 SPACED EDGEBOARD CONNECTORS.LOW COST.FAST DELIVERY. A lot of people know Micro Plastics for our low cost, high volume plastic molding capability. But, when we found out about some of the delivery problems in the P/C connector field, we saw a great market for a complete new line of connectors made our way. low cost. . . high quality . . . fast delivery. O f course

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PDF 00003SS

Abstract: DPS05U09 DPS12R09 DPS05R09 DPS12U09 DCS24HC05 DPS12J05 DCS48HC12 DCS24HC12 mp-kt
Text: DELTA PRODUCTS CORP bOE D ■27MM636 00003SS b37 MDELT DC-DC CONVERTERS ir-Oii MAIN FEATURES • Power range: 2 to 25W for current models; design capability up to 300W. • SMD and thick film technology utilized to shrink size and enhance reliability • Designed with derating to enhance reliability. • High efficiency: 70% for 10W power models. 80% or above for higher power models. • 100% burn-in. • 200% computerized functional test before and after burn-in. • 100% tested for dielectric

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PDF 27MM636 00003SS 500khrs 00003Sb DPS0502B DPS05U09 DPS12R09 DPS05R09 DPS12U09 DCS24HC05 DPS12J05 DCS48HC12 DCS24HC12 mp-kt

Abstract: 200UA 20KHZ QDDD330 CEM3379
Text: This Material Copyrighted By Its Respective Manufacturer asE » ai b7«ìQMS7 00003SS a ■T-llb-ifÃ

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Not Available

Abstract: No abstract text available
Text: 250 200 125 40 2-43 TEKTRONIX INC/ TRI ÚUINT 2faE 1 SmSIS 00003SS i B T R U T '

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PDF 10G021AM 050P3
oti 64105

Abstract: oti-088
Text: No file text available

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PDF 64-bit OTI-64107/64105 QD00311 b72T4a5 oti 64105 oti-088
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