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ZiVA-4.1 LSI Logic Decoder and Demux, Advanced DVD Decoder Original
ZiVA-5 LSI Logic DVD System Processor Original
ZiVA-5DVD LSI Logic Microprocessor, System Processor Original
ZiVA-D6 LSI Logic DECODER Original
ZiVA-DS LSI Logic DECODER Original


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Abstract: ZiVA-3 decoder is the 3rd generation of C-Cube's best-selling ZiVATM product family, and with its , ZiVA-3 Decoder ADVANCED DVD DECODER WITH INTEGRATED AUDIO DSP With the release of the ZiVA-3 DVD , in a cost-effective consumer DVD player. The ZiVA-3 significantly enriches the consumer's home theater and karaoke experience with its breakthrough RealSonicTM audio technology. In addition, the ZiVA-3 , previous ZiVA products, the ZiVA-3 decoder supports full disc playback compatibility with DVD, Chaoji VCD C-Cube Microsystems
5.1 home theater circuits C-CUBE ZIVA-3 dts decoder circuits dvd 5.1 decoder dolby digital dts decoder C-Cube ziva decoder 50-MIPS
Abstract: the ZiVA-1. The ZiVA-1 is operating at 90 MHz internally and like all devices running at these clock , the differences between the ZiVA-DS/D6 and ZiVA-CDS/CD6 A/V decoder and the process to upgrade a ZiVA-DS/D6 design to one with a ZiVA-CDS/CD6. This application note addresses upgrade issues specific to , BACK The following is an index of the Applications Notes written for the ZiVA-1 MPEG-2 A/V , microcontroller is required to do. ZiVA-1 Sub-Picture Palette The aim of this document is to describe how the C-Cube Microsystems
IT1401 pioneer PAL 007 B AN610 ziva-ds 12 VI4-126 VI4-118 CL6100DVD-0045
Abstract: CLM4730Z DVD Authoring Encoder DVD Titles ZiVA-Kit: Reference Platform for Consumer Apps. ZiVA-Card Reference Design for Multimedia Apps. ZiVA-DS DVD Decoder w/2-channel Audio ZiVA-D6 DVD Decoder w/5.1 Audio , , high-level API, and automatic A/V sync. ZiVA-D6TM System Decoder ­ All features of ZiVA-DS plus 5.1channel , of the ZiVA-D6 and ZiVA-DS decoders. The following subsections provide further detail. Table 1-1 , Data Rate (maximum) DRAM Physical: Input Voltage Packaging Comparison of ZiVA-D6 and ZiVA-DS Decoder -
dvd optical output to 5.1 audio decoder C-Cube microsystems C-Cube microsystems ZiVA diagram dvd player optical devices in dvd pick-up IEC-958
Abstract: board with the ZiVA decoder. The decoder operates at 90 MHz internally; therefore, when you design with , heatsink, on the ZiVA decoder chip. A.1 PCB 261 DRAM Layout A.2 DRAM Layout Place the DRAMs as close to the ZiVA decoder as possible. Each DRAM device should have a 0.1-uF decoupling capacitor , ZiVA decoder, place a 33- resistor in series, as close as possible to the decoder's pins. If possible , , at a point as close to the ZiVA decoder as possible. Connect both the power pins and the decoupling -
100uf electrolytic capacitor DVD BOARD LAYOUT DVD Decoder board
Abstract: 6 DVD/CD Interface This chapter describes the function of the ZiVA decoder's interface to DVD , Description The ZiVA decoder's DVD/CD interface receives data from DVD DSP and CD DSP chips. This interface supports DVD, CD-DA, and VideoCD standards. The ZiVA decoder can interface to either of the following: s s , can 3-state their outputs under host control (Figure 6-3) DVD-DATA[7:0] ZiVA Decoder DVD-DATA[0 , DVD/CD DSP Figure 6-1 ZiVA Decoder Interface to a Combination DVD/CD DSP 78 C-Cube -
Abstract: DA-DATA[2:0]* DA-LRCK DA-BCK DA-XCK IEC958 Audio Interface Signals * The ZiVA-D6 decoder outputs audio on DA-DATA[2:0]; the ZiVA-DS decoder has only one audio output pin, DA-DATA. Figure 4-1 ZiVA-DS and ZiVA-D6 Decoders Logic Diagram Table 4-1 identifies which pins require an external pull-up , or 32 times the sampling clock. DA-DATA - Audio Data Bus (ZiVA-DS Decoder)Output DA-DATA outputs bit , [2:0] - Audio Data Bus (ZiVA-D6 Decoder) Output DA-DATA[2:0] outputs bit serial PCM audio samples -
4 Signal s ZiVA
Abstract: ZiVATM-4.1 Advanced DVD Decoder with Integrated Digital Video Encoder and Audio DSP OVERVIEW With the release of the ZiVATM-4.1 DVD decoder, LSI Logic again adds to its long list of technology , video encoder and dedicated 50-MIPS audio DSP. The ZiVA-4.1 is the choice for implementing 3D audio, karaoke functions, and DVD-Audio in a cost-effective consumer DVD player. The ZiVA-4.1 further enriches , products, the ZiVA-4.1 decoder Chaoji VCD, VCD, and CD-DA supports full disc playback compatibility LSI Logic
PAL-60 ZiVA-4 Karaoke voice cancel karaoke effects euroscart dts decoder dsp dvd player I20072
Abstract: ZiVATM-5 DVD System Processor SUPER INTEGRATION FOR DVD Building on LSI Logic's feature-rich and mature ZiVATM decoder technology, the ZiVA-5 DVD system processor enables powerful new features and integrates multiple DVD system components onto a single chip. ZiVA-5 provides full compatibility , . ZiVA-5 incorporates an enhanced video encoder with five, 54 MHz highprecision video DACs. The video , PERFORMANCE ZiVA-5 incorporates a high-performance 32-bit SPARC CPU with DSP extensions for audio processing LSI Logic
DSP mp3 decoder 5.1 dvd drive IEC-1937/958 I20087
Abstract: ZiVA-5 DVD-Audio October 2000 Part Number: ZiVA5-WP-DVDAUD-0.1 INTRODUCTION The digital , . Using the new C-Cube ZiVA-5 DVD System Processor, consumer electronics manufacturers can introduce , . Figure 4: External Chipset based DVD-Audio Block Diagram 5 ZiVA-5 DVD-AUDIO SOLUTION ZiVA-5 , into one chip. Not only does ZiVA-5 integrate all of the DVD-Audio specific processing functions (CPPM , , TrueScanTM. ZiVA-5 will enable consumer manufacturers to bring what is considered a high-end DVD-Audio C-Cube Microsystems
DVD player circuit diagram compact disc dvd player circuit diagram sub woofer circuit diagram dvd circuit diagram super woofer box ziva 5
Abstract: , high-level API, and automatic A/V sync. ZiVA-D6TM System Decoder - All features of ZiVA-DS plus 5.1channel , the key features of the ZiVA-D6 and ZiVA-DS decoders. The following subsections provide further detail. Table 1-1 Comparison of ZÌVA-D 6 and ZiVA-DS Decoder Features Zi VA-D6 Decoder ZiVA-DS Decoder MPEG , ZiVA family of products includes: ZiVA-DSTM System Decoder - Highly integrated single-chip DVD decoder , for consum er OEMs. ZiVA-CardTM Reference Design - PCI add-in card features the ZiVA decoders and -
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5.1 channel surround sound IC
Abstract: BACK NOW WI T H ZiVA-KITTM MANUFACTURING KIT COMPLETE SYSTEM SOLUTION FOR DVD PLAYER DESIGNS BASED ON ZIVA DVD DECODERS The ZiVA-Kit Manufacturing Kit is a complete, ready-to-manufacture DVD player design. OEMs who base their designs on ZiVA-Kit can enter the DVD player market quicker and with more features. ZiVA-Kit provides a turnkey solution in both hardware and firmware. The ZiVA-Kit , property rights of C-Cube Microsystems. ZiVA, ZiVA-Kit, SecureView, and the corporate logo are trademarks C-Cube Microsystems
schematics of DVD player circuit board DVD player CPU board 5.1 audio system ir remote circuit vfd schematics vacuum fluorescent display
Abstract: 5 Host Interface This chapter describes the function of the interface between the ZiVA decoder , three distinct Overview functions: s s s The ZiVA decoder's host interface provides a simple , . Host accesses to the ZiVA decoder are asynchronous to the system clock, SYSCLK. The ZiVA decoder's host , I mode, the ZiVA decoder requires the host to drive separate signals (RD and WR) to indicate whether , selection allows the ZiVA decoder to operate with most of the popular microcontrollers. The decoder enters I -
c-cube microsystems ZiVA Contents
Abstract: output modes: s s left-right stereo (ZiVA-DS and ZiVA-D6 decoders) multi-channel surround sound , describes all the configurable audio parameters. Both the ZiVA-D6 and ZiVA-DS decoders have a left/right , DA-DATA0 on the ZiVA-D6 decoder. Figure 8-2 I2S Audio Interface Block Diagram ZiVA Decoder , [2:0]* Audio Interface DA-LRCK DA-BCK Audio DAC * The ZiVA-DS decoder has only one audio data pin (DA-DATA) and outputs only two-channel audio. Pins DA-DATA[2:0] are provided only on the ZiVA-D6 decoder -
Abstract: 9 DRAM/ROM Interface This chapter describes the ZiVA decoder's DRAM/ROM interface. It details all of the information necessary to connect the ZiVA decoder to an extended data out (EDO) DRAM array , The memory controller in the ZiVA decoder interacts directly with external memory and generates the control signals required to access external EDO DRAMs and ROMs. 9.1.1 DRAM The ZiVA decoder's DRAM , , with one additional 256K x 16 DRAM, the ZiVA decoder can interface to 20 Mbits. The decoder's DRAM -
timing diagram for 8 to 3 decoder timing DIAGRAM OF ROM Decoder 5 to 32
Abstract: 3 ZiVA Decoder Operation This chapter describes how the ZiVA decoder operates, its primary modes , Usage ­ page 45 23 Introduction 3.1 Introduction The ZiVA decoder is a single chip with , with VideoCD and CD-DA formats. The ZiVA decoder microcode is the software provided with the chip. The , Area in local DRAM. The microcode enables the ZiVA decoder to play DVD, VideoCD, CD-i movies, and CDDA discs. 3.2 The ZiVA decoder operates in four main modes: Modes of Operation s DVD (MPEG-2 program -
RISC semaphore
Abstract: kit uses 176TQFP · Device Ordering Number for ZiVA 1.1: ZiVA-DSCTA2-PC (176TQFP) AVAILABILITY · , OSD (20 Mbit configuration) ­ SecureViewTM CSS copy protection ZIVA-DS SINGLE-CHIP DVD DECODER , , ZiVA-Card, SecureView, and the corporate logo are trademarks of C-Cube Microsystems. Dolby Digital and AC , BACK CHELSEA-I ZIVATM DVD DAUGHTER CARD FOR INTEL740TM-BASED GRAPHICS BOARDS The Chelsea-I VMI , Intel740-based graphics cards and motherboards. Based on C-Cube's ZiVA integrated DVD decoder chip, Chelsea-I C-Cube Microsystems
Intel740 sound card schematics IITM-266MH
Abstract: Interface Timing 10-23 ZiVA-D6 Decoder Pinout (208-pin PQFP) 10-24 ZiVA-DS Decoder Pinout (160-pin PQFP , 4-3 5-1 5-2 5-3 8-1 8-2 8-3 8-4 8-5 8-6 8-7 10-1 Comparison of ZiVA-D6 and ZiVA-DS Decoder Features , : Audio 10-18 ZiVA-D6 Decoder Alphabetical Pin List (208-pin PQFP) 10-19 ZiVA-DS Decoder Alphabetical Pin , Formats Audio Decoder and Output Interface Datapath 32-Bit Wide User Data FIFO Organization ZiVA-DS and ZiVA-D6 Decoders Logic Diagram 2 4 6 7 15 18 19 21 25 27 29 31 32 34 37 40 42 43 47 52 Figures xvii -
BT 136 PIN DIAGRAM DSI bt.656 API 160 BT 151 PIN DIAGRAM circuit diagram of DVD Rom internal dvd pinout
Abstract: The ZiVA decoder's video display unit can generate either progressive or interlaced video. If , NTSC/PAL encoder can drive the ZiVA decoder's VSYNC as an input to indicate odd/even fields.) In ITU-R , the video data bus between more than one device, the host can 3-state the ZiVA decoder's video data , configures how the ZiVA decoder allocates DRAM for video decoding. For other programmable features of the video interface, see Table 13.2.3 on page 218. The ZiVA decoder outputs pixels in 8-bit YCbCr (4:2:2 -
HSYNC, VSYNC Clock generator ITU-R BT.601 to 656 Decoder Hsync Vsync decoder HSYNC GENERATE PIXEL CLOCK
Abstract: ) Video Sideport Mobile PCI ZiVA-PC System Architecture Block Diagram P roduct Parameter , -color on-screen display (OSD). · Microcode compatible with all existing ZiVA products: ZiVA 1.0, ZiVA 1.1, and ZiVA 2.0. · Flexible memory configurations: - 16-Mbit-One 1 M x 16 SDRAM (standard configuration) - 20 -
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Abstract: line, the ZiVA API recognizes command IDs for a superset of CL480 commands and maps them to the corresponding ZiVA commands as shown in Table B-1. All sector addresses specifying Minutes, Seconds, Frame, and , , and the LSB is ignored. 263 Table B-1 CL48x-to-ZiVA API Command Mapping Maps to ZiVA Command Abort(flushCmdQ) SetFill(x,y,length,height,color) ZiVA Command Parameters flushCmdQ = no x, y , Microsystems Table B-1 CL48x-to-ZiVA API Command Mapping (Continued) Maps to ZiVA Command Play(playmode -
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