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TPS65279DAP Texas Instruments Res Net,Thin Film,2.34K Ohms,50WV,.05% +/-Tol,-25,25ppm TC,3021 Case ri Buy
BQ24262YFFR Texas Instruments Res Net,Thin Film,2.29K Ohms,50WV,.05% +/-Tol,-25,25ppm TC,3021 Case ri Buy
BQ27411DRZT-G1A Texas Instruments Res Net,Thin Film,2.29K Ohms,50WV,.1% +/-Tol,-25,25ppm TC,3021 Case ri Buy

zinc-oxide nonlinear resistors

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Abstract: √'ZNR√Ę√" Transient/Surge Absorbers √'ZNR √Ę√" Transient/Surge Absorbers Matsushita ZNRs are zinc-oxide nonlinear resistors whose resistance changes as a function of the applied voltage. These basic characteristics of ZNR express by varistor voltage and clamping voltage (or voltage ratio). The ZNR utilizes a ceramic element composed of zinc oxide and several kinds of metal oxide additives that have been , Standard Impulse Current Waveform (8/20 ms) Note * ZNR √'Zinc Oxide Nonlinear Resistor√" is a trade mark ... Original

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surge absorber zinc-oxide matsushita varistor MatsuSHITA TRANSIENT ABSORBERS VOLTAGE DEPENDENT RESISTOR panasonic ZNR 20 znr zener panasonic varistor matsua varistor ZNR zener diode znr VARISTOR znr zinc-oxide nonlinear resistors datasheet abstract
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Abstract: "ZNR" Transient/Surge Absorbers (Type D) "ZNR" Transient/Surge Absorbers D Series: V Type: √'ZNR√" Transient/Surge Absorber, Series V, Type D is released through our continued research in ceramic material composition of ZnO varistor and manufacturing process, featuring large surge current handling capability and energy handling capability for absorbing transient overvoltage in compact size. n Recommended Applications n Features l Transistor, diode, IC, thyristor or triac sem ... Original

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znr v10 471u panasonic znr znr3 varistor ZNR 471 znr v20 471 znr varistor y panasonic ZNR MOV metal oxide varistor znr znr V14 D471 TRANSISTOR equivalent Varistor V471U datasheet abstract
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Abstract: Zinc-Oxide Varistors Technical Support Note LONG-TERM PROTECTION AGAINST VOLTAGE SURGES Endurance and accelerated life tests on Philips varistors conclusively show that these components are , Zinc-oxide varistors - preferred range Catalogue number* Voltages (V) Vrms 10 maximum surges per year , exposure location. To simulate such diverse probabilities, Philips' development centre for non-linear resistors at Evere (Belgium) has tested varistors designed for TV protection under several stress conditions ... Original

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Abstract: 1^53^31 0021021 2 ‚-† T^/^JS* METAL OXIDE VARISTORS c ZINC-OXIDE VOLTAGE DEPENDENT RESISTORS Unlike SiC , rectifying contacts. These resistors have found a diversity of applications in the different sectors of , the linear series resistance of the component as its non-linear resistance falls to very low values at ... OCR Scan

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232259456006 VARISTOR 595 -PH 232259254216 2322-595-51406 varistor BETA VARISTOR 592 250 2322-594-52716 zinc-oxide nonlinear resistors Metal Oxide Varistor 300v 30V 595PH varistor 595 PHILIPS 595-PH 130V 595PH datasheet abstract
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Abstract: Linear resistors Non-linear resistors Switches and potentiometers 02/2003 ponents 4 5 8 , ·Linear and non-linear resistors ·Switches and trimming potentiometers. BCcomponents is actively , Linear resistors 190 191 194 SMD chip, precision, MCA 1206 SMD chip, trimmable, TCA 1206 SMD MELF , ultra precision, UMA 0204 Non-linear resistors 209 215 221 NTC thermistors, application , 51 23 32 07 Questions about resistors: ·MFC and MELF ·Leaded ·NTC and MLV ·PTC/VDR +49 481 ... Original

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transistor tt 2222 PTC 96724 PTC 96626 capacitor 107 10152 053 56471 PTC THERMISTOR FOR DEGAUSSING copal motor MP MARKING CODE VARISTOR TT 2222 philips thermistor 2322 640 64104 34821 2322 661 91002 ic 40154 datasheet abstract
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Abstract: The concern for product reliability with respect to Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) continues to increase.Whether at the IC foundry, the board assembler, or in the field, ESD is a threat to product survivability. However, a circuit that survives HBM/MM/CDM events is not guaranteed to survive real-world ESD events, to which the end product (PDA, computer, cell phone, etc.) will be subjected. User-generated ESD events, like those specified in the IEC 61000-4-2, are much more severe tha ... Original

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MEXICO LF 5A 250V 314 FUSE 94v-0 lcd display PGB0010402 diode marking 2U do214 ProTek Device cross MEXICO LF 1A 250V 313 FUSE flyback transformer design Fuse 250V 1A IE 420 PICTURE test equipment catalog of logic pulser sot23-5 Marking mosfet MEXICO LF 5A 250V 312 FUSE slo blo capacitor 7kv 39pf datasheet abstract
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Abstract: BC Components Product Guide 1999 Contents Page BC Components 5 World Wide Web 6 Ordering 7 New Products & Highlights 9 Series Index 10 Ceramic Capacitors, Leaded 13 Film Capacitors 34 Electrolytic Capacitors 59 Film Dielectric Trimmer Capacitors 103 Fixed Linear Resistors 107 NTC Thermistors 125 PTC Thermistors 132 Control/Preset , series · Screw terminal, 002 HRC-ST series 70 72 80 90 Fixed Linear Resistors · High voltage ... Original

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Philips MKP 379 TDA 2525 relay 3500 2231 021 TDA 2060 594 varistor capacitor philips 341 mkc 2222 344 22105 Philips 2222 053 90032 capacitors tcxo philips 4322 philips 344 mkc tda 3050 PHILIPS TCXO 4322 191 2 philips 341 mkc datasheet abstract
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