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ZENER 4V7 - - 170 (Feb 2017) Chip One Exchange Buy
ZENER 7.2V - XXX 6 (Nov 2016) Area51 Buy
ZENER 7V5 0,5W DO35 - - 9,610 (Feb 2017) Chip One Exchange Buy
ZENER-KIT Comchip Technology ZENER KIT 1 from $24.86 (Feb 2017) Arrow Electronics Buy
ZENER-KIT Comchip Technology Unidentified 1 from $44.2000 (Feb 2017) Chip1Stop Buy
ZENER-KIT Comchip Technology KIT 30 VALUES/10PC EACH 25 from $28.00 (Feb 2017) Digi-Key Buy
ZENER12V1/2WS Vishay Intertechnology - 1,491 (Feb 2017) Chip One Exchange Buy
ZENER24V1WS Vishay Intertechnology - 1,800 (Feb 2017) Chip One Exchange Buy
ZENER5.6V1/4WS - - 20 (Feb 2017) Chip One Exchange Buy

zener chn 848

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Abstract: | I n-p-n 2 Transistors, 2 Zener Diodes, 1 Diode | Diode Arrays & ■ SCR ... OCR Scan

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2N5180 3N138 mosfet 40430 rca 40664 SCR CA3035 equivalents CA3741ct Thyristor chn 542 CD2500E optoelectronic databook ta7200 rca 40432 diac K493 diode cd 40938 CA3458T 40468A High-Power 202A MOSFET DIODE chn 548 3N128 equivalent ta7657 chn 834 TRANSISTOR TEXT
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Abstract: in the zener region. These devices are in the same 400 mW glass package as the 1N746 1N746 and 1N957 1N957 , @ 100 m A ) T Y P E NO. N O M IN A L ZENER V O L T A G E @ ln (V ,) V O LT S TEST CU RRENT ( In ) m A M A X IM U M ZENER IM P E D A N C E (Zn ) @ b i ohm s M A X IM U M DC ZENER , T R IC A L C H A R A C T E R I S T I C S (Ta = 25°C, T Y P E NO. N O M IN A L ZENER VO LTAG E @ ln (V , ) V O L T S TEST CU RRENT M A X IM U M ZENER IM P E D A N C E (Z n ) @ In ... Element14 Catalog

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chn 725 triac TRANSISTOR SMD 431H BA 658 Bar-Graph Display Driver 0116 Solar Lamp Controller transistor chn 943 transistor CHN 64 946 H4 led smd headlight bulb transistor chn 952 KS0108 128X64 graphical LCD HCPL 1458 8 pin opto TEXT
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Abstract: dropped and 1 is total dc current through circuit. Zener Diodes - Optimum zener operation will result when specified I ^ j is maintained during normal circuit conditions. Zener diodes may be connected in series to increase zener voltage (6.2, 9.1, and 12.0 volt diodes in series would result in 25.3 final zener voltage, plus or minus device tolerances). Silicon Dual Diodes - Excellent performance and ... OCR Scan

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as11 dc hee nv transistor SI 6822 stg 8810 SAA 14Z germanium transistor powec rm 1110 PL 15Z DIODE MPC1000 rm 1100 powec transistors JX 6822 A TEXT
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